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Alternator Repair and Service in Baltimore | Apple Auto

Alternator Repair and Service in Baltimore

Located near the front of your car's engine, the alternator helps to power your vehicle and get it moving. To do this, it uses mechanical energy to generate electricity which in turn recharges the battery. This helps the battery power on the vehicle and its electric components such as interior and exterior lights, radio, entertainment console, power locks and windows, and more.

A failing alternator will not be able to charge your battery efficiently, which eventually leads to a dead battery and a vehicle that might not start at all. Suffice to say, such incidents occur at the most inconvenient times. As such, you need the prompt services of the ASE-certified technicians from Apple Auto to assist with your alternator issue to get your vehicle restored and back on the road. Here are some of the signs that indicate a malfunctioning car alternator:

  • Warning indicator light illuminates the dashboard
  • The headlights are dim or constantly flickering
  • Difficulty starting and regular stalling
  • Dead battery
  • Excessive jumpstarting
  • Slow electrical accessories including wipers, and lights

Before replacing your alternator, our mechanical experts at Apple Auto will first run a full battery and charging system test. They will then remove the alternator and inspect its mounting and hardware. Timely alternator repair will facilitate quicker starting, enhance the car battery life, and prevent no-crank situations.

At Apple Auto, we take pride in our AAA-approved facility, fully equipped with the industry's latest equipment and technology. Our mechanics are well trained, licensed, and experienced in handling all types of car services and repairs regardless of the make or model. Since 1987, we have been serving Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas and are highly reputed for quality services. As a family-owned and operated auto repair shop, we understand the importance of honesty, transparency, and commitment. We also guarantee you quality work by offering a 36,000 miles warranty on qualified services.

We value time, and we would also hate to waste yours. If you drop your car by our auto repair shop for testing or repair, we offer free shuttle services and loaner cars to keep your day going. Alternatively, you can rest in our comfortable and relaxing waiting area and enjoy a cup of coffee and free Wi-Fi.

Car starting problems may result from a worn-out alternator, starter problems, or a dead battery. Trust our experts to run a complete diagnosis to identify the culprit and provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions. If you need car alternator repair in Baltimore, MD, bring your vehicle to Apple Auto today.