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Where Can I Find Speedometer Repairs in Baltimore, MD?

Your vehicle’s speedometer plays a major role in showing you what speed your car, SUV, or truck is moving at. While we often take this part for granted, the speedometer is a major safety feature. Not only is it safer to know the exact speed at which you travel, but it can save you from a hefty speeding ticket.    Depending on the severity of the damage, it can be difficult to pinpoint a faulty speedometer. Sometimes, instead of not showing a speed reading at all, it can give you a false reading. When you suspect that your vehicle’s speedometer is acting up, it’s better to be safe by having it tested.    What Causes a Speedometer to Malfunction? Some common explanations for speedometer failure include: Faulty speed sensor(s) Trouble with the engine control unit (ECU) Loose or detached wiring Blown fuse  The best way to ensure accurate speedometer diagnostics and repairs is to take it to the expert team at Apple Auto in Baltimore, MD. O ... read more

Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

With the cost of inflation these days, it makes sense that you want to get the most gas mileage that you can get. So here are some tips that will help you get the most of your car fuel efficiency. Don't slam the brakes often When you come up to a yellow light or see one, don't slam your brakes. Unless you are in a near accident, there is no reason for this as it can take a lot of gas and power to do this. It can affect your tires This part is true. If your tires are not inflated correctly, it can take a lot of energy and gas to get the car moving. So make sure that the tires are inflated correctly. It will save you some money at the gas pump. Use the correct motor oil If you are experienced to do oil changes yourself, do an oil change every so often to ensure your car runs smoothly. Using the wrong motor oil can indeed affect the amount of gas mileage that you would have. It can negatively affect it, so make sure you use the correct one! Don't idle unless you need to ... read more

What Are The Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs?

Getting your car ready for summer fun and noticing sluggish startup, slow acceleration, or poor fuel economy? These are all potential signs that your spark plugs are bad or failing. Spark plugs are a relatively easy fix and can help keep your car on the road longer. Keep reading to learn about how to mitigate the symptoms of bad or failing spark plugs. How Often Should You Change Your Spark Plugs? Maintaining the spark plugs on your vehicle is one of the easiest and least expensive forms of car maintenance. Changing or replacing your spark plugs according to vehicle or manufacturer recommendations is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle running in optimal condition. Most US vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the spark plugs in your vehicle after driving between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. Driving your car without changing the spark plugs according to manufacturer recommendations can cause longer term damage to engine components and fuel systems that result i ... read more

Car Tips for Parents with Babies and Toddlers

When you are a parent, you have the ultimate responsibility of securing your child’s safety when bringing them along for the ride. From car seats, seat belts, door locks, and more, you should be prepared to ensure your child is protected and secure in their seat. Read on to learn essential tips for road traveling with children: Children are quick to move, and they don’t love sitting in one place for long. Always make sure to use your mirrors and double-check they’re behaving. Always use your door and window locks to be safe. The locks ensure they won't accidentally get out. Always use your child's approved, age, and size-appropriate car seat. Children under the age of 13 are best to be seated in the back seat because of airbags. Make sure your automobile is a non-smoker environment. Don’t leave younger children in the car by themselves, even if it is a quick stop to grab something.  Protect the little ones with sun shades or window screens. T ... read more

What to Do Before Buying a Pre-Owned Car

As exciting as it can be, you should take more caution if you want to buy a pre-owned car. It is usually difficult to know if you are getting a good deal or even if the car itself is good. But if you stick by the following guidance, you will get value for money. First, get the pre-purchase inspection done. This is an evaluation of the car before the purchase happens. The inspection aims to establish the quality of the vehicle, its level of operation, and its value. During the inspection process, you will be able to know if there was damage to the frame, flood damage, fire damage, or simply poor repair work. Contract a third-party individual to conduct the inspection, preferably a mechanic. Having third party conduct the inspection raises trust. The inspection involves a test drive that subjects the car to different conditions and scenarios. The vehicle must be tested over bumps, potholes, and hills to reveal any suspension problems. The mechanic will also do an engine test and provi ... read more