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Monthly Archives: December 2020

What can wear down tires prematurely?

Every part of your car is vital in sustaining efficiency. Tires, for instance, are an essential investment for your vehicle. It is recommended to check the tires periodically to ascertain their condition. While it is natural for tires to wear down, you need to know what causes them to wear down quickly. Without a proper tire grip on the road, you can easily lose control of your car, causing accidents. Some drivers don't know what causes tires to wear down quickly. Here are some causes of premature tire wear down. Improper inflation Low pressure is a leading cause of premature tire wear and failure on the road. With frequent driving, tires lose pressure. Check your tires at least weekly to make sure they are inflated correctly. Over-inflation is equally dangerous where tires wear down in the middle treads. This also reduces the mileage expected from your vehicle wheels. Mismatched tires Mismatched tires can critically increase premature wear. Examine tread depths for any diffe ... read more