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Monthly Archives: December 2021

How to Drive Safely in the Snow

Driving in the snow can be a daunting task as the severe snowy weather can terrify travelers. Therefore, if you have no experience driving in the snow, it is essential to make alternative travel arrangements or postpone your trip until conditions get better. However, if you must hit the road, ensure you are well prepared to face the winter storms, alongside the bad and sloppy road conditions. Below are tips for driving safely in the snow. Decrease Driving Speed Driving slowly while allowing for plenty of distance between you and other vehicles both in front and on the sides may go a long way in ensuring your safety when diving in the snow. Lowering your speed compensates for poorer traction, thus keeping you stable and avoiding tires sliding ice. Use Winter Tires Unlike regular car tires, winter tires provide more control when driving during snow and icy conditions. Though these tires may be expensive, they tend to be much cheaper than the cost of repair after an accident. Therefor ... read more