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Monthly Archives: February 2023

What Is Electrolysis And Is It Dangerous?

If your vehicle has unusual problems with the radiator and cooling system, it might be because of a process called electrolysis. Simply put, electrolysis corrodes the thin metal that the radiator is made of and causes it to leak and malfunction. As its name implies, electric current goes through parts where it isn't supposed to be, and over time it starts to damage them.  Electrolysis Explained The most common problem that causes damage to the radiator is electrolysis. Energy from ungrounded parts or bad wiring travels to the thin metal pipes, which contain and cool the coolant fluid. Because of that, a process called corrosion starts, deteriorating the pipes and causing further problems.  Another reason can be the difference in electrical resistance of the different parts in your vehicle's cooling system. Different metals and alloys withstand only a certain amount of electric current before they start to get damaged. How Can It Occur Simply put, the most common ... read more