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Monthly Archives: January 2023

What An Engine Rebuild Can Do For You

Nothing is scarier than hearing the words “engine repairs/rebuild” at the auto service shop. If your engine is on its last leg and you are not financially ready to trade or sell your car, then an engine rebuild can be a great alternative for you. It is overall more economical than buying a new car. Especially with the automobile market today, purchasing a car can be difficult.  What Is an Engine Rebuild An engine rebuild is a major repair that involves removing the engine block entirely and disassembling it to give each engine part the attention it needs. The tech will work with the rings, valves, and cylinder walls. Depending on the engine damage, it can involve replacing the head, worn pistons, bearings, and timing belt. Overall, only the worn and damaged parts are tended to and swapped out.  Before we perform an engine rebuild at Apple Auto, our auto technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the engine to distinguish its pain points. We will only re ... read more