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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Symptoms of Misaligned Wheels

Multiple systems within your vehicle work together to keep it driving straight. Sometimes, your wheels will become misaligned. And as a result, your car may become challenging to maneuver. If you recently went flying over a speed bump or hit a pothole, the wheels could get knocked out of line. If you choose to ignore the misalignment, you may notice a significant hit to your car's performance, followed by a drop in gas mileage.  What Are the Signs That You Need a Wheel Alignment? Stiff Steering Wheel - An off-center steering wheel is a typical sign that your wheels need adjustments. If you have to grasp the steering wheel full-on to keep your car moving straight, then you need to contact a mechanic ASAP. Vibrating Vehicle - Misaligned wheels will result in heavy strained tires. As a result, they will cause your vehicle to vibrate. Uneven Tire Wear - The condition of your wheels can be a telling sign of wheth ... read more