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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Signs It is Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

Most car owners do not often understand the need for a fuel system cleaning until they start experiencing decreased power, especially when driving uphill, rough starts, and sluggish accelerations. Fortunately, you can save yourself from such headaches by visiting your mechanic for regular fuel system cleaning. Reasons for Fuel System Cleaning Remember, the buildup of carbonized gunk and dirt deposits on various engine system parts may lead to faulty sensors and inefficient fuel delivery. Fuel system components that require cleaning include the following: Engine valves Fuel injectors Throttle body Six Indicators Depicting That Your Vehicles Fuel System Needs Cleaning Getting a fuel system cleaning can save you from various fuel system failures or expensive repairs. As a preventive measure, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for fuel system cleaning. Schedule an engine cleaning services once you notice the following indicators: Decreasing Fuel Economy A clogged engine sys ... read more