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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Car Tips for Parents with Babies and Toddlers

When you are a parent, you have the ultimate responsibility of securing your child’s safety when bringing them along for the ride. From car seats, seat belts, door locks, and more, you should be prepared to ensure your child is protected and secure in their seat. Read on to learn essential tips for road traveling with children: Children are quick to move, and they don’t love sitting in one place for long. Always make sure to use your mirrors and double-check they’re behaving. Always use your door and window locks to be safe. The locks ensure they won't accidentally get out. Always use your child's approved, age, and size-appropriate car seat. Children under the age of 13 are best to be seated in the back seat because of airbags. Make sure your automobile is a non-smoker environment. Don’t leave younger children in the car by themselves, even if it is a quick stop to grab something.  Protect the little ones with sun shades or window screens. T ... read more