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Monthly Archives: November 2021

How to Inspect Your Coolant Levels

Coolant is a mixture solution of water and antifreeze that keeps your engine stable and cooled down. For such a vital role it plays in your engine operation, you must handle it with care. You need to check its levels constantly. Fortunately, checking your coolant level is an effortless task that most of us can do at home. First of all, you must ensure the engine is off and cooled down before going under the hood. This is because the radiator cap is most likely going to be hot after your car has been on. Hot coolant can spatter out of your radiator if you don't wait. It would be wise to locate the critical components by referring to your owner's manual during this time. Usually, a min and a max are marked on the side of the reservoir connected to the cooling system. The indicators will tell you if there is enough coolant in the motor. The vessel for the coolant is often linked to the radiator and has a bright-colored top. If the levels are low, you should top it off as soon as ... read more