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Have Your Car Smelling Clean & Fresh for Spring

Car Air Freshener

It's a great feeling to step into a fresh-smelling car every day. To achieve this, you will have to implement good cleaning habits into your routine. Otherwise, natural and disturbing odors can invade your car. Here are some of our top tips on how to have your vehicle smelling nice for Spring:

  • Avoid eating in your car - It may be tempting to munch on your food while you're behind the wheel, but doing this too often can have long-lasting and unpleasant effects on your car. One of them includes leaving the smell of food behind. 
  • Don't smoke - Smoking can make your vehicle's interior decline rather quickly. As a result, it can decrease the overall value of the car. Therefore, avoid smoking inside your vehicle at all costs. 
  • Clean and vacuum regularly - When washing your car's exterior, don't forget to get the inside. Vacuuming your floors and upholstery will improve your vehicle's overall look and scent. You can also invest in a portable vacuum to clean up messes easily on the go.
  • Refill air fresheners - Many motorists love their air fresheners, and there are tons of scents out on the market. Your car will smell pleasant as long as you replace them on time.
  • Change your cabin filter - This component inside your vehicle is in charge of stopping dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants from getting into the passenger cabin. It not only purifies your air, but it will ensure the air you inhale is clean.

We hope these tips help boost the overall ambiance of your vehicle. If you suspect you need your cabin air filter replaced, please do not hesitate to bring your car to Apple Auto today.