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How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?


Shock absorbers are those tiny little springs that work in conjunction with your brakes to ensure that you can come to a full, complete stop without the fuss. They absorb the shock that your vehicle gets during a normal drive. This protects you and your passengers from the side effects of a bumpy ride and makes any road trip a smooth one. This keeps your suspension in check when hitting speed bumps and other quirks while driving.

Shock absorbers rely on kinetic energy to help your vehicle run smoothly. In fact, when you step on the brake, this energy suddenly converts to heat through a hydraulic system. This is the reason you are able to come to a full, smooth stop that has no sudden impact on you or your passengers.

However, just like any other car part, shock absorbers are subject to wear and tear over time. Although there are no actual time limits on how long your shock absorbers will last, it is recommended that you have them replaced every 50,000 miles.

One of the first signs of wear and tear is in your brakes. If you start to notice that your vehicle is taking a little longer to come to a complete stop, then the chances are good that your shock absorbers may be at fault. Even a longer stop time of only 20% can make a big difference in the likelihood of a fatal crash, so getting them replaced right away is a must.

Other symptoms of faulty shock absorbers are when you start to notice knocking and bumping from the rear along with a severe bouncing sensation. You may even park your car only to find that it sits at an uneven level in spite of the smooth pavement. If the back end of your car appears to be loose when turning, you might want to have your shock absorbers inspected.

Shock absorbers are just as vital as any other car part. It is critical to have them inspected at the first signs of trouble. If you need to have them replaced, just bring your vehicle to our repair shop today!