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Safe Driving Tips for the End of Daylight Savings

Driving in the fog

Are you ready to fall back an hour on November 7, 2021? The time change can mean a lot more than having to adjust to a new sleep schedule. It also means driving in the dark for some, as sunset usually begins right around rush hour. With changes to sleep and night-driving challenges, we've compiled a list of safer driving tips for Daylight Savings End.

1. Have all your lighting checked. 

Before daylight savings time ends, it's crucial to have all your lights checked. Your headlights, high beams, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights should all be in working order, so other drivers on the road can see your vehicle. If you require assistance in checking your lighting, we invite you to Apple Auto for an inspection.

2. Clean your windshield, windows, and wipers.

This step is often overlooked; please get into the habit of cleaning your car's windshield and windows. Any dust or smudges will ultimately hinder your visibility. Also, please make sure your wipers are in good condition to clear off any rain or snow that may come your way at night.

3. Limit all distractions when driving at night.

It's even more important to be extra attentive to your surroundings at night. Keep distractions, such as your cell phone, out of your reach. Your hands should remain on the wheel, and your eyes peeled to the road. 

4. Put your health first and get enough sleep.

We may fall back and "gain" an extra hour of sleep, but the time change can really mess up your sleep schedule. If you're fatigued in any way, please do not get behind the wheel. Individuals driving while tired are shown to be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. 

We hope these tips help you with the new time adjustment next month. If your vehicle requires a fall inspection, please do not hesitate to bring it to Apple Auto.  Please call us at (410) 500-9023 if you have any questions, concerns, or interests in making an appointment.