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Why Is My Car Bouncing Up and Down?



A bouncy car ride may sound funny at first, but it is very concerning. Additionally, no one wants to draw attention to themselves when this is happening. If you notice that your car is bouncing uncontrollably, please take it to a professional mechanic to get it diagnosed and fixed immediately. Recognizing the issue is the first step; next, you need to find out what is causing this bouncing motion. There are a few things that may cause your car to bounce while you're driving, braking, or going over a bumpy road.


Your tires are a crucial part of your vehicle - without your wheels, you'd go nowhere. Unfortunately, they can also be the big reason as to why your car is springing. A few things could cause your tires to make your car bounce: not being adequately secured, having them overinflated, or generally misaligned.


The steering system is what enables the car to be turned and controlled. In other words, Your steering system ensures your vehicle's stability. If you observe that the car is bouncing as you turn your steering wheel, this could be the subject matter that needs to be resolved. This area has rack bushings that may cause an unsteady ride if they are too loose or too stiff. Your car may need an alignment if the steering system is the problem.


The suspension in your vehicle is what keeps your tires connected with the road. If the ride you're undergoing isn't a smooth or safe one and you see an unusual way your car handles, you want to check on the suspension. There is potential that you can trace damage back to your shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, or the sway bar.

You may not know right off the bat what is causing your car to bounce, but you definitely want to find out quickly. Bring your vehicle to Apple Auto for a proper diagnosis from our certified technicians.