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Why Is My Vehicle Shaking When I Brake?

Vehicle Brakes

When you accelerate your vehicle and eventually need to brake, you may feel mild to strong vibrations through your gas pedal or steering wheel. This feeling is sometimes referred to as brake shudders or brake judders, and it usually occurs in disc brake systems. Whenever you experience this symptom, it's best that you take your car to a trusted brake repair shop ASAP.

When braking, your brakes generate a lot of heat, which may cause the brake rotors to warp or become uneven over time. When your brake pads are worn, they can also add a squealing sound to the vibrations in your pedal. This is a clear sign that you need a brake pad replacement.

Alignment and suspension problems can also be the root of your brake vibration problem. It can usually be brought about when your car's wheel bearings, tie rods, or ball joints are messed up. Sometimes, it may not be a particular part; normal wear and tear can also be the cause of the vibrations.

Chances are, you may simply need to swap out your brake pads when you feel your vehicle shaking. A professional mechanic can be able to assess your brake pads and let you know if any other parts need to replace or service that needs to be done to stop your vehicle vibrations. 

No matter the reason behind your random car shaking when you brake, you need to have this problem addressed and repaired as soon as possible. You can trust the technicians at Apple Auto because we are always looking out for your safety. If you need brake repairs in Baltimore, MD, please bring your car to Apple Auto to have your problem fixed.