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Why You Should Regularly Change Your Engine Air Filter

Air Filter

Most people don't even know that their engine has an air filter, let alone keep up with how often it needs to be changed. Changing your air filter has proven to provide drivers with many benefits, including prolonging the engine lifespan. 

The engine air filter aims to provide clean air by blocking out small dirt and dust particles from the engine compartment. Did you know that the air filter delivers 10K gallons of pure air for every gallon of fuel your automobile burns? In other words, engines need clean air to run efficiently and smoothly, which is why you should replace them when they get dirty.

Benefits of Regularly Changing Engine Air Filter

  • Improved Fuel Economy - A dirty or clogged air filter will lead to air restriction in your engine, resulting in an over consumption of fuel. Changing the old one out for a new one can do wonders in bettering your MPG.
  • Protect Engine - Your car is exposed to contaminants all the time, and if they make their way into the engine compartments, it can severely harm the engine. A clean and effective air filter can prevent them from doing so.
  • Decrease Emissions - A blocked engine filter will create a lot of drag on the engine, causing it to work harder. An engine that is put under strain will ultimately release more emissions.
  • Boost Overall Performance - An overly filthy air filter can prevent your engine from running at all. Your engine needs a proper delivery of clean air to function to carry out the combustion process.

Air Filter Replacement in Baltimore, MD

Air filter replacements are one of the most manageable steps in preventative maintenance. If you want to keep your car running in tip-top shape and for a long while, you need to keep up with items like these. For all your automotive maintenance needs, please bring your car to the experts at Apple Auto.