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Baltimore Oil Change

While it is one of the most inexpensive practices, regular oil changes is also one of the most important services for your car. Fresh motor oil makes sure that your engine runs smoothly and it enhances its overall functions. Due to the immense heat of the engine and the amount of dirt it falls victim to on the road, motor oil tends to breakdown and become dirty quickly, which is why oil changes are required so often. Here at Apple Auto, we are proud to provide Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas with quality and comprehensive oil change services.

Oil lubricates the engine's numerous components and carries heat away from the engine. At the same time, however, as oil moves through the engine, it collects dirt and debris that may form sludge and render it ineffective after a while. Changing the oil gets rid of the accumulated dirt and particles and also ensures that the heat is carried away. Dirty oil makes the engine susceptible to overheating, which may consequently cause damage. At Apple Auto, you will enjoy our great customer service as we offer the best oil change services to all car models.

When you change your car's oil frequently, your engine is likely to have a long life. As a family-owned business that has been in existence for decades, at Apple Auto, we remind their clients to have their car oil change if they do not want to incur the frequent extra costs of replacing and repairing their engines.

When you do not change your do not change your car's oil regularly, sludge continuously builds up. Consequently, oil cannot effectively flow and lubricate components such as the bearings and crankshafts. This not only hinders the engine's performance but may also damage it to an extent of needing a replacement. Another danger of infrequent oil changes is that your car’s fuel efficiency can be significantly decreased. With increased friction between the engine components, you are likely to use more gas than you would if your car's oil was changed regularly.

For your regular oil change service, you should choose a service provider that carries out a comprehensive inspection to establish that your car does not have other underlying problems. At Apple Auto, we have ASE-certified mechanics that not only offer oil changes but will also carry out a thorough check to ensure that your car is always running at its best. This saves you time and money!

At Apple Auto, your car's health is our business. If you need an oil change in Baltimore, MD, feel free to bring your vehicle into Apple Auto today.