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Baltimore Tire Pressure Monitoring System Repair

Baltimore Tire Pressure Monitoring System Repair - Apple Auto

Are My Tires Low on Air? How to Fix the TPMS Light on Your Dash

Did you know that your tire pressure can drop just because it gets colder - even if your tires have NO leaks? Tires lose 2 PSI for every 10-degree drop in temperature!

That means the transition from the warm summer to cold winter can drop your tire pressure by 10 psi or more!

Here’s what that means for you:

  • More wear and tear on your tires (that’s an expensive replacement you’ll have to do sooner than normal)
  • Fewer miles to the gallon (a 4%+ increase in your fuel budget!)
  • And a TPMS light on your dash! (It is an “!” inside of a tire)

So how do you get your tires back to full health and get your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light to go off?

How to Diagnose a TPMS Light

The first thing you’ll notice about your TPMS light is that it is either solid or flashing.

Normally, solid means one of your tires has lost more than 25% of its recommended pressure while flashing means that your TPMS system is having trouble communicating with your vehicle.

Follow this simple 3 step process:

  • Check the recommended tire pressure on the inside of your door jamb. When you open the driver’s side door, a sticker will show the recommended tire pressure measured in PSI on the inside door frame.
  • Check each tire with a tire pressure gauge to see if it matches the recommended amount on your door jamb.
  • If it doesn’t, come to Apple Auto and use our free compressed air hose on the outside of our building to air them up. If it does match up, your TPMS system could need some work. We can help you get that fixed very quickly!

No matter what is going on, Apple Auto can help you get your tire pressures exactly where they need to be. And we’ll do a full tire inspection to make sure you’re ready for the fall and winter months.

Just call us to have your vehicle looked at!