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How to Inspect Your Coolant Levels

Coolant is a mixture solution of water and antifreeze that keeps your engine stable and cooled down. For such a vital role it plays in your engine operation, you must handle it with care. You need to check its levels constantly. Fortunately, checking your coolant level is an effortless task that most of us can do at home. First of all, you must ensure the engine is off and cooled down before going under the hood. This is because the radiator cap is most likely going to be hot after your car has been on. Hot coolant can spatter out of your radiator if you don't wait. It would be wise to locate the critical components by referring to your owner's manual during this time. Usually, a min and a max are marked on the side of the reservoir connected to the cooling system. The indicators will tell you if there is enough coolant in the motor. The vessel for the coolant is often linked to the radiator and has a bright-colored top. If the levels are low, you should top it off as soon as ... read more

Safe Driving Tips for the End of Daylight Savings

Are you ready to fall back an hour on November 7, 2021? The time change can mean a lot more than having to adjust to a new sleep schedule. It also means driving in the dark for some, as sunset usually begins right around rush hour. With changes to sleep and night-driving challenges, we've compiled a list of safer driving tips for Daylight Savings End. 1. Have all your lighting checked.  Before daylight savings time ends, it's crucial to have all your lights checked. Your headlights, high beams, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights should all be in working order, so other drivers on the road can see your vehicle. If you require assistance in checking your lighting, we invite you to Apple Auto for an inspection. 2. Clean your windshield, windows, and wipers. This step is often overlooked; please get into the habit of cleaning your car's windshield and windows. Any dust or smudges will ultimately hinder your visibility. Also, please make sure your ... read more

What Does the TPMS Light Indicate?

The TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, is a sensory system in your vehicle intended to detect early signs of under inflated tire pressure. The TPMS light is one of your essential warning lights that can come on your dashboard. It is usually depicted with a horseshoe-like symbol with an exclamation point in the center.  When the TPMS light comes on, it means that at least one of your tires is under inflated. It would be best if you pulled over to a safe location at your earliest convenience and manually measured your pressure with a gauge.  How to Find the Right Pressure for Your Car Tire pressure is measured in units of PSI or pound-force per square inch. To find the exact PSI that your tires need, you should look at the door jam. There, you will find a sticker with the pressures listed. You can also search for it in the owner's manual.  When pumping air in your tires, make sure you do not overinflate them. Overinflated tires will result in poor traction a ... read more

Safe Driving Tips for Getting Around Labor Day Weekend

With summer coming to a close soon and Labor Day weekend coming up, most people will try to squeeze in one last vacation to celebrate. As exciting as the beach or a BBQ may sound, you should be extra careful when getting from place to place this holiday. Labor Day weekend can be a dangerous and hectic time to be on the road. Here are some of the best practices for getting around Baltimore, MD, this holiday: 1) Practice Safe Driving Etiquette Negligence is the top reason behind the majority of vehicle accidents in the US. Safe driving always includes the basics such as buckling up and asking other passengers to put on their seat belts before hitting the road. Additionally, try to have your hands on the steering wheel and keep your eyes on the road at all times. If you need to utilize a navigational app or change a song, have another passenger handle it. 2) Avoid Driving During Peak Times Many people leave for a trip right after work on Friday before Labor Day; however, traffic will ... read more

Symptoms of Misaligned Wheels

Multiple systems within your vehicle work together to keep it driving straight. Sometimes, your wheels will become misaligned. And as a result, your car may become challenging to maneuver. If you recently went flying over a speed bump or hit a pothole, the wheels could get knocked out of line. If you choose to ignore the misalignment, you may notice a significant hit to your car's performance, followed by a drop in gas mileage.  What Are the Signs That You Need a Wheel Alignment? Stiff Steering Wheel - An off-center steering wheel is a typical sign that your wheels need adjustments. If you have to grasp the steering wheel full-on to keep your car moving straight, then you need to contact a mechanic ASAP. Vibrating Vehicle - Misaligned wheels will result in heavy strained tires. As a result, they will cause your vehicle to vibrate. Uneven Tire Wear - The condition of your wheels can be a telling sign of wheth ... read more