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If you purchased a vehicle warranty through CarMax, you have probably learned that the wait time and the red tape of dealing with such a huge company can take weeks. But we can help you. We work with CarMax, MaxCare, JMA Group, Assurant, RepairPal, and Fidelity warranty companies.

FAST: We can get your vehicle into our shop, fixed, and back on the road this week! You don’t need to wait weeks for a spot to open up at CarMax.

EASY: Apple Auto LTD. is a RepairPal Certified service center. We work with CarMax to take the hassle out of car repair.

QUALITY: Our team of ASE Certified Technicians is able to care for your car the way it was meant to be serviced. We will do a comprehensive inspection to make sure that your car is running perfectly before it leaves our shop. Apple Auto LTD has been trusted by the people of Baltimore since 1987. Our team has received more than 185 Reviews with a 5-star average rating. We’re ready to help you!

VALUE: There is no additional deductible in working with Apple Auto LTD. The same deductible that you pay to CarMax is all you need to pay here.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment now!